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Annual Tree Sale

Aitkin SWCD holds an annual tree sale where landowners can order bundles of various species of seedling trees.


About the annual sale

Looking to plant more native plants on your property? The Aitkin SWCD offers a selection of native trees, shrubs, and plants for sale. This sale usually opens in late fall and runs until sold out, usually in late spring. Orders will be available for pick-up in May.

More trees please

Planting native tree species can mean more than just landscaping in your yard. Many conifers and shrubs can be used to create natural windbreaks. The berries of native shrubs will attract pollinators and birds, and many can be used to create unique jams and treats in the kitchen. In time, many tree species can be harvested for lumber and other food products as a source of income. The breathtaking colors of deciduous trees provide variety and color to fall landscapes.


Native tree guide

Each species provides their own unique combination of food, habitat, and homes for a wide variety of wildlife. Click below to visit our native tree guide for more information about the benefits, planting needs, and maintenance of each species.


Native Plant Sale 2024

Native perennials are a great choice for many landscaping projects. Colorful blooms provide habitat for desirable wildlife like pollinators and songbirds. Deep, extensive root systems can prevent soil erosion, protect water quality and promote infiltration.


Aitkin County SWCD is pleased to offer 5 different native seed mixes and 5 different plant kits. There is something for any site – sunny, shady, dry, wet, and more…


Check out the 2024 Native Plant Sale Order Form to see what is available. Orders are being taken until April 2024.

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